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The Vail Parent Network (VPN) is a group of parents who have recently come together to advocate for quality education for our children due to the current state of funding for education in Arizona. Our mission statement is “Advocating for Your Child.” VPN started with a core group of parents around the district who wanted to network with other schools in Vail and to help others get informed and involved.

Educational funding in our state has not been a priority, and we, as parents, want to change that. Vail has done a good job of filling in the gaps with the continual budget cuts, but we are at a critical breaking point. We can no longer continue to “fill the potholes; we need to be paving the roads.” Class sizes are increasing; fees are increasing; programs are disappearing; we are having trouble hiring and retaining good, quality teachers, and JTED and Charter funding cuts have hurt all schools.

Our goal is to help parents understand this and to:

*Unify as a community

*Get involved – nothing will change unless we do

*Go after the money – the state has money to fix the problems

*Call legislators and have our voices heard

*Engage our children and ask them what has affected them with the cuts

Our next step is to go into each school to educate our parents on these points. We are also in the process of scheduling a Town Hall meeting with District 14 Legislators as well as meeting with the four current candidates who have decided to run for the House next year. We plan to help them see the need for a change with regards to educational funding in our state.

If you would like to get more involved or stay informed, please contact us at

Vail Parent Network Board Members:

Heather Morzinski, Stacy Winstryg, Catherine Byars, Rico Tippett, and Callie Tippett