Schoology 101

Here are videos that will help with signing in and signing up for Schoology.

How Parents Sign Up For Schoology Video

Parents Sign in to Schoology Video

How to Add an Afterschool Group Video

How Students Log in to Schoology at Home Video

How to Get Notifications on Your Cell Phone Video


Q & A

Q: Why is it when I go to join a group, there is no “Join” link underneath groups?
A: You have to be in your parent account to join a group. Make sure your name is displayed at the top. If not, click on your name to get back to your parent account.


Q: Why does my chid’s username and password not work when they try to login at home?
A: There are 3 possible reasons why a student can’t login at home:

  1. They are at the wrong site. Parents login at while students must go through
  2. They aren’t putting in the correct combination username. Students must type in their for example
  3. They aren’t putting in their entire password. Students’ full password is a combination of 6 numbers, a hyphen, and a combination of letters and/or numbers. For example: 123456-T8.