At Mesquite, we appreciate parents, grandparents, and neighborhood volunteers. There are opportunities for volunteering in classrooms, on the playground, in the library, tutoring, on field trips, and with the PTSA. Please let us know of your special talents so that we can best utilize them.

We also have opportunities for helping at home for those who are unable to come to school during regular school hours. We are committed to providing quality educational opportunities and your help is needed and appreciated.

Mesquite believes that involving parents, and community members in day-to-day operations contributing to our success in what the term, “Partners in Education” entails. The actions taken for this to occur are communication, participation, and governance.

A framework for parents/community volunteerism is highly encouraged. Mesquite has an established classified position entitled Volunteer Coordinator. The coordinator recruits and organizes community and parent volunteers. An average of 12,200 volunteer hours are logged each year.  Each year volunteers are recognized at a special luncheon held in their honor.

Please call our Volunteer Coordinator at 879-2112. We need you!
If you have not filled out a volunteer form, please stop by the office or download the form from the website.  Our volunteer coordinator will contact you after you fill out a volunteer form, which helps her know where you are best suited to help.

Volunteer Forms

(both forms are required in order to volunteer)

Volunteer Application

The Vail School District is serious about student and staff safety.  By law, employees and non-paid volunteers must complete a Criminal History Affidavit attesting the individual is not now awaiting trial nor has ever been convicted of or admitted in open court or pursuant to a plea agreement of committing any of the criminal offenses listed on the Affidavit.  After completing your application, you will receive the Affidavit via email.

One parent states, “I feel very comfortable and welcomed to stop by my child’s class at any time, unannounced knowing, that I would be invited to participate or observe at any level, my child’s education in action. As a result, I am able to use my literacy and communication skills through storytelling and volunteering in other classrooms.”

When you do volunteer, please be sure to check IN and OUT of the office. We ask that you sign the “Visitor’s Log” and the “Volunteer Book”. If you are unfamiliar with these procedures, please ask one of the school secretaries for help. For security and emergency situations, it is important for administrators to know who is on campus and where. It is equally important to know who is on field trips for these same reasons. In addition, the district must have records showing days and hours volunteers worked for the purpose of liability. Lastly, a record of each volunteer’s hours will enable the school to evaluate it’s volunteer program and recognize volunteers for their contribution.