Mesquite Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 

School Standards:

Respect others with language and actions
Listen and follow directions
Work and play safely
Work quietly
Be prepared to learn
Bell to Bell Learning

Non-Compliance to Standards 

Think Time–time out
Loss of privileges–loss of recess
Note/phone call to parents
In School Suspension
B.E.L.L Detention

Referral to Administation

Severe Behaviors – Referral to Administration 

The following minimum disciplinary actions will occur 

Warning or reprimand
Parents notified
Community Service
Suspension may be given

In the case of disrespect/irresponsibility, including: 

Destruction of property
Verbal abuse
Loss of self control

In the case of intentional acts of violence and endangerment, including:

Aggressive, intimidating, harassing and threatening behavior (written, verbal, or physical)
Physical Violence (fighting and throwing punches)
Possession of drugs, tobacco, alcohol or synthetic substances
Possession of weapons, explosives, or other dangerous objects (real or simulated)

The following minimum disciplinary actions will occur:

Parents notified

Automatic suspension by principal
Parent conference is required before student returns to school.

Tucson Police Department may be notified

Expulsion, according to Board Policy may be given.