Healthy Snack Options for Class Parties

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Additional Options

Fruit Cabbobs

strawberries / apples / cantaloupe / grapes / bananas / any other fruit
cabbob sticks x 30

Sugar Snap Peas

can dip into some type of sauce

Dried Plums

orange flavored prunes

Fruit Nachos

pear/ apples / strawberries / semi-sweet chocolate chips / caramel / coconut flakes

Fruit Popsicles

any type of fruit, frozen and place on a stick.

Stuffed Strawberry bites 

granola and yogurt inside
*granola on the side incase of allergy

Dirt Cup

– granola *on the side incase of allergy
– yogurt
– celery stick or any fruit shaped as a stick

Small bag of mixed veggies


Dipping Sauces

Fruit/Veggie Cream – sour cream/ vanilla / brown sugar

Fruit Cream – cream cheese / creamed milk / lemon juice

Caramel Sauce – sugar / water / margarine / evaporated skim milk / vanilla extract / pinch of salt

Pumpkin sauce – cream cheese / brown sugar/ canned pumpkin / maple syrup / cinnamon

Gift alternatives