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A Typical Day

Mesquite’s Chinese Immersion Program is considered a Partial Immersion Program because 50% of its instructional delivery occurs in Mandarin Chinese and the other 50% in English. Math and Science are taught in Chinese by a teacher from China, whose first language is Mandarin Chinese.
circle graph of daily scheduleAll other content areas are taught in English by a teacher whose first language is English. During Chinese instruction, the only language spoken by adults is Chinese; the English-speaking teacher takes on a support role. During English instruction, the Chinese teacher takes on a support role.

Reteach and Enrich
From 12:30-1:00pm, the entire school implements our Reteach and Enrich Program. This allows students who have not mastered specific math concepts an opportunity to be retaught. Students who have already mastered the concept take part in enrichment activities related to the same standard. The Reteach and Enrich Program is taught in English.

Students in Immersion classrooms have breaks, lunch and Specials at the same time as the other students in their grade level. Our Specials classes include Art, PE, Music and Computer Lab. Classes rotate, so that they attend a different Specials class each day.