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    • Why do you offer Chinese Immersion and not Spanish?

      Chinese is spoken by one-fifth of the world’s population and is ranked number one among first languages spoken. Learning Chinese will open many career opportunities for individuals who can acquire native-like fluency. China has the world’s fastest growing economy and the world’s 2nd largest economy. It’s the world’s largest exporter of goods and the world’s second largest importer of goods.

      Research indicates students are best able to learn another language if they are exposed to that language at a young age especially through an immersion program. Our country is growing globally, our students are the business leaders of the future and being able to communicate in the world’s most widely spoken language will be imperative to success.

    • What are the benefits of a language immersion program?
      There are many benefits to a language immersion program, including increased problem solving, utilization of right and left brain hemispheres, enhanced cognitive skills, increased cultural sensitivity, and gaining a global competitive edge. Click here to view our page on the benefits of language immersion for more information.
    • Does my student need to speak Mandarin Chinese to enroll in the program?
      No, students who join the program in Kindergarten do not need to have any previous experience with Mandarin Chinese to be successful. Students in grades 1-4 will be screened by a Chinese teacher for consideration of placement.
    • How do you select students for the program?
      Students that have expressed interest in the program are selected according to the process set forth in our school’s charter. Students are accepted in the following order:

      1. Students who live within Mesquite’s service area (and family members of Mesquite employees)
      2. Students who live in the Vail School District (and family members of Vail School District employees)
      3. Students who live outside the Vail School District and submitted an application during the enrollment window.

      Non-district students who have submitted an application during the enrollment window will be granted enrollment on a first come, first served basis (according to application time stamp).

    • How much does the program cost?
      When students start the program in Kindergarten, there is an initial one time fee of $2000.
    • Can my child start the program in 1st grade or any other grade?
      No, students will need to be tested for Mandarin proficiency to be placed in any other grade level.
    • What percentage of the day is taught in Mandarin Chinese?
      Approximately 50% of instructional delivery takes place in Mandarin Chinese. For more information on what your student’s daily schedule might look like, take a look at our Typical Day page.
    • Which subjects are taught in Mandarin Chinese?
      Math and Science and Language Reinforcement are taught in Mandarin Chinese.
    • Will my student fall behind?
      This program will challenge your student. In the beginning, your child may express some frustration. That’s totally normal.  Mesquite uses a system we call Reteach and Enrich to ensure that each student reaches mastery level on each learning objective. Students who have not mastered specific math concepts are retaught the material in English. Click here for more information on Mesquite’s Reteach and Enrich Program.
    • Is Mesquite’s Chinese Immersion Program only for academically high students?
      Mesquite’s Chinese Immersion Program is open to students of all academic levels. In fact, learning a second language can help increase the academic and cognitive performance of students who have struggled in the past.