U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School

In 2014 Mesquite was awarded the U.S. Department of  Education Blue Ribbon School.   The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes 1) schools whose students achieve at very high levels or 2) schools making significant progress in closing achievement gaps among different groups of students. The Program sets a standard of excellence for all schools striving for the highest level of achievement.

A School

Since 2010 Mesquite has been labeled as an “A school” This is the highest ranking of schools in the state of Arizona.  The A label replaced the Excelling school label that Mesquite has maintained since the 2003-2004 school year.

2018-2019—A School

2017-2018—A School

2016-2017—A School

2015-2016—A School

2014-2015—A School

2013-2014—A School

2012-2013—A School

2011-2012— A School

2010-2011 —A School

Excelling School 2009-2010

We are proud to announce that Mesquite has been announced as an excelling school for the 7th year in a row. For more information about the labeling process see the link below:

Local Accountability Professional Development Series

Mesquite’s AZLEARNS Achievement Profile:

2009-2010 – Excelling
2008-2009 – Excelling
2007-2008 – Excelling
2006-2007 – Excelling
2005-2006 – Excelling
2004-2005 – Excelling
2003-2004 – Excelling
2002-2003 – Performing
2001-2002 – Maintaining

Renamed an A+ School of Excellence in 2010

The A+ Program celebrates education and brings to light the positive stories and successes happening in public schools everyday. The A+ Program is an amazing catalyst for bringing together the surrounding community and its local neighborhood school. The A+ School Recognition Program was created by the Arizona Educational Foundation in 1983. For more information about the A+ process go to Arizona Education Foundation. Read about our Best Practices: Search by School for comprehensive results.

In 2019, Mesquite received the A+ School of Excellence award for the 3rd time.


Mesquite Elementary was named the top elementary school in Tucson by The School Review in 2019.

Golden Bell Award

In 2004, our school was recognized with the prestigious “Golden Bell Award” from the Arizona School Boards Association. Mesquite received the award for its “Bell to Bell” Learning Program. As the name implies, the “Bell to Bell” Learning Program promotes the use of every available minute during the school day for learning. The programs that are selected by the Arizona School Boards Association must meet a set of rigorous criteria. The programs honored must be student oriented; have a significant effect on student achievement; demonstrate evidence of teacher creativity; be presented in clear, concise terms; demonstrate district leadership; and be in operation for at least two years.

A panel of prominent educators judges the programs. A first place and runner-up award may be selected. Mesquite received First Place! Way to Go Mesquite! Below are some articles that tell more about our prestigious award:

Arizona Starnet Newspaper Article
WestEd’s Schools Moving Up newsletter

Spotlight on Success 2005

Recognizing, Celebrating, Spotlighting Successful School Programs and Practices From the Arizona Department of Education

Fifteen Arizona schools and/or programs were in the “spotlight” because of the positive differences they have made in the lives and futures of the students they touch. The Arizona Department of Education celebrates successful schools and programs in the areas of Reading First, Title I, Best Practices, Dropout Prevention, and School Improvement. A formal awards dinner was held on May 4th, including a special tribute from conference keynote speaker, Mr. Neil Howe, noted author and presenter.

The conference day, May 5th, allowed the honorees an opportunity to showcase their efforts to other educators who are looking for strategies to improve their own schools. Learning from those who have experienced success generated additional momentum to see that all of Arizona’s students are well prepared to take their places in a highly competitive, global economy.