There are many ways that technology is being used at Mesquite Elementary School. We have approximately 500 computers throughout the school on a network serviced by an OS  server. All students have an account that they may use to access their files from any computer at the school. A variety of software is also available on these computers to give students the tools they need to be successful technology users.

Available Services

  • Online Grade Access – Parents can check their child’s grades online at  To sign up for a free account, please contact the front office, at (520) 879-2102.
  • 1 to 1 – 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have chromebooks assigned to them throughout the day. They use them in conjunction with lessons to maximize their skills in technology and better prepare them for middle school.
  • Schoology – A computerized learning management system. Each student at Mesquite has an account where they can submit assignments and homework. Parents and students can communicate after school hours with their teachers through this platform.
  • BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. – An animated curriculum based online resource that provides engaging computerized educational materials in all subject areas. This program is available to Kinder-5th grade students and can be utilized in the computer lab, as well as in the classroom.
  • Study Island – A computerized test preparation program that targets specific state standards in the areas of Math and Reading. This program is available to 2nd-5th grade students and is utilized both in classrooms and the computer lab.
  • HeadSprout – An online, computerized program for students in kindergarten and first grade. It is an intensive phonics based reading program aimed toward students who fall far below grade level in reading. Eighty computer based lessons are supplemented with books and posters to keep track of how students are progressing.
  • Typing Agent – A computerized typing program in which students learn and practice basic keyboarding skills. Students begin this program in 3rd grade and continue to use it through 5th grade.
  • Gilly’s News Network (GNN) – This is our student-staffed closed circuit television system that is used to produce and air live announcements three days a week. 5th grade students audition for the Broadcast Team at the beginning of the year and learn the skills needed to present school-wide live television broadcasts.
  • Beyond Textbooks – To prepare Mesquite students to excel in 21st century skills requires excellent teachers, quality instruction, the necessary technical equipment, and the support of the community. It is our goal to have projectors, audio enhancement systems, classroom responders, and screens in every Mesquite classroom. Teachers and students are also using document cameras in their classrooms.

Mesquite’s Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Access to Mesquite Elementary technology is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Students are to use Mesquite Elementary user accounts, electronic devices (computers, handhelds, tablets, etc.) and network access (wired and wireless) for academic purposes only. Any usage of user accounts, devices or network access that is not academically oriented may result in the loss of technology privileges and/or be subject to further disciplinary or legal action.
  3. Students will safeguard their password. Sharing a password, or logging in to a district service (wireless network, blog, PowerSchool, etc.) with someone else’s account, is strictly forbidden.
  4. Students will not disclose personal information (name, phone number, address, personal images, etc.) on the Internet. Students may, however, have schoolwork published on the Internet, most likely on district or school websites.
  5. All content created, accessed and downloaded must be appropriate for school use by the standards of the Mesquite Elementary administration. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to their Mesquite Elementary user account, device or network usage. The school reserves the right to monitor all user account, device and network activity.
  6. All electronic devices brought onto Mesquite Elementary’s campus are subject to search and seizure. You assume responsibility for any damage done to personal devices that you bring onto campus.
  7. Students may not load any software on any of Mesquite Elementary’s devices without express permission from the Technology Department.
  8. Students will observe copyright laws and respect the work and ownership rights of students, staff, and others outside of the school.
  9. Use of Mesquite Elementary printers is limited to school related activities. Do not waste school resources by printing excessively. Students must receive permission from a staff member prior to printing graphics or photographs.
  10. Usage of a Mesquite Elementary user account, device or network indicates acceptance of these policies by students, their parents/guardians and all visitors.


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