Mesquite’s Curriculum includes:

Arizona State Standards:
Academic Calendars are designed at Mesquite Elementary School at every grade level. Teacher preparation days are utilized prior to the beginning of each school year to map out the essential standards to be taught. The process is supervised by the District Curriculum Coordinator, with the assistance of Instructional Team Leaders at each grade level, and approved by Mesquite’s principal. Every teacher has input in the calendar process of the state standards. Grade level academic calendars are designed for reading and math, while each teacher prepares individual scope and sequences (Yearly Instructional Maps approved by the principal) for all other state standards to be taught. Each teacher at Mesquite has a curriculum scope and sequence prepared at the beginning of each school year.

Reteach/Enrich and Common Planning Time is implemented at Mesquite to ensure that students are achieving academic “mastery” in the state standards. Research of effective and best teaching practices are utilized in our reteach and enrich daily intervention program. Our program is regularly evaluated and improved with weekly common teacher planning time at every grade level, to review and assess student performance based on formative tests, and then plan instruction to meet each child’s needs for reteach or enrichment. Data team meetings are used to monitor, evaluate and improve instructional planning. Data team meetings are supervised by Mesquite’s achievement teacher, principal, and instructional team leaders at each grade level.

Extended Learning Program (ELP) is housed on our campus. The program services gifted students in grades third through eighth. One day a week, students identified through the Cognitive Abilities Test, meet with the ELP teacher for a full day of instruction. This enrichment program uses collaborative groupings and hands-on activities to enhance learning. Higher level thinking skills activities, brainteasers, science experiments, Chess games, thematic units, simulations, and field trips are all an integral part of ELP. Professional community members are often invited to share their knowledge and engage the students. ELP serves as a resource for all teachers on the Mesquite campus to address the needs of high achieving students in all grades.

Inclusion/Special Education services are provided to meet the needs of special education learners. Students who are experiencing learning or behavior difficulties are referred to the child study team for observation and learning style inventory. After testing is completed and if the referred child qualifies for the program, special education services are provided. Children are instructed utilizing the strengths of their own specific learning styles. Specific strategies are applied in the student’s regular classroom, or in the least restrictive environment according to the student’s individualized education program.

English Language Learners (ELL) are instructed by both the classroom teacher and a qualified ELL teacher with the support of additional paraprofessionals for all academic areas as needed.